Cocktail Hour

Beachy Cocktails

We are all for fighting the straightening/curling/blow drying fight some days, but sometimes you need a 5 minute fix. If there is ONE thing you can do to make your daily styling a breeze, it is to stop fighting. Instead, simply give your natural texture a bit of a boost. That’s where BEACH spray comes in. On its own or cocktailed with other favorites, this sea salt spray is one of the most versatile, easy to use products you’ll have in your kit.  Read below for our favorite ways to mix it up.

4 easy hair product cocktails to get the most from your salt spray.

The Bouncer

According to salon owner, educator, and texture specialist Eric Barras, a sea salt spray can be the secret to getting some spring back.

To bring out natural bounce, I add STYLE cream to towel-dried hair, layering in spritzes of BEACH spray for extra texture. Lightly scrunch and diffuse with the cuticle, not against it. – Eric Barras, texture specialist


Seaside Dreams

SEVEN salon Sr. Stylist Claire Freeman reaches for sea salt spray for natural messiness of day-at-the-beach hair when an actual trip to the shore isn’t in the cards. Rich with plankton extract – an optimal source of omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids which nourish the scalp and strengthen the hair shaft – BEACH nourishes while creating sexy texture. 

“Prep damp hair with MOUSSE from scalp to ends to create some volume with moveable, fresh hold. When dry, use a flat iron to create a wave pattern in your hair. To feel the real magic of the ocean air, spritz in BEACH spray, scrunching with your hands to recreate the sea, wind and sun.” – Claire Freeman, Sr. Stylist


The Beret

Spring, summer, winter, fall. We believe that every season is hat season, which means every season is also hat head season. This is exactly why stylist Hattie Lingenfelter always has BEACH nearby.

“If I want to revamp my hair after a long day in a hat, which I am known for, I will spray in BEACH spray to roll with the texture that’s already there.” – Hattie Lingenfelter, Stylist


The Braid  

Sr. Stylist and braiding expert Judith Moore has BEACH in mind when it’s time to braid.

“You’ll have much better luck with your braid if your hair has a bit of grip in it. Before I start, I use a spritz of BEACH spray on dry hair and blow dry it with warm air for a minute or two. This gives the hair some texture so it isn’t too soft and slippery. Then I apply a tiny bit of POLISH balm to my fingertips. Like magic it ensures you only grab the hair you intend to. It also gives a little weight to your hair, making it easier to control, and helping smooth down frizz.” – Judith Moore, Sr. Stylist


Want more on tips on rocking your braiding technique? Judith and her colleague Noah have plenty to say! Simply follow their easy how to steps to braiding success.

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