SEVEN steps

Double Braid Crown

One braided crown along the hairline might be done to death, but TWO? Now we’re spicing it up! Great for second or third day hair, or gals who are growing out last season’s fringe, flagship educator Alyssa gives us all of the tips and tricks for a royally chic braided ‘do.

SEVEN Steps:

  1. Create a deep exaggerated part and brush hair to undo any tangles.
  2. On the heavy side of the hair, section a 2-3” panel in the front and clip in front of the ear.
  3. Section the remaining hair back away from the face.
  4. With a small amount of POLISH worked through your fingers, create a Dutch Braid along the hairline. Clip at the end. 
  5. Working the panel immediately behind the first braid, repeat the steps above. Spray with CLASSIC spray to set. Using a rolling motion and starting at the top of the braid, lightly tug each braided piece until you have created the fullness desired.
  6. Between both braids, use the V of the bobby pin to pull each braid together and pin with the open ends facing down.
  7. Unclip the remaining hair and work both braids back to the middle of the head, securing with decorative bobby pins.
  8. Spray with BEACH or CLASSIC Spray to set this look.
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