SEVEN for the WIN!

To cap off 2020, SEVEN joined forces with to award one lucky salon an opening package of product and education worth $9k to wipe away challenges and start afresh in 2021. There were hundreds of entries from amazing salons with inspiring stories of perseverance and grit. The process left us feeling hopeful about the resilience of our amazing industry and the artists who make it work despite every obstacle.

Allow us to introduce you to our winner, The Hair Parlour in Oceanside, California.

When sisters-in-law Rebecca Bates and Ashley Reichert got the opportunity to purchase the salon they were working in, they hopped at the chance. 

Their years of ownership have been full of the types of challenges beauty school never prepares you for (like starting out on the 5th page of Google search instead of the first), but with hard work they were able to create a warm, welcoming hair salon committed to serving, educating and empowering their clientele, especially those with curly and wavy hair. 

2019 marked The Hair Parlour’s sixth and best year and business. 95% full books made juggling clients a fun and rewarding challenge. With their entrepreneurialism paying off, it was time to expand. In October 2019 they signed a long-term lease on a beautiful new space and got to work building it out.

“Once you walk through our front door you can immediately sense it is different than most salons. Ours is really an extension of family.” 

Ashley & Rebecca, Owners of The Hair Parlour in Oceanside, CA

The new location opened its doors in March 2020 — just in time for the first shocking wave of COVID-19 to hit the nation. Three days into their new venture, Rebecca and Ashley were forced to close as California’s stay at home order went into place. 

Wave after wave of challenge would follow throughout the year and these entrepreneurial sisters met the moment with seemingly endless energy. From implementing curbside pick up and developing above-and-beyond safety measures to building out a full service outdoor salon in their parking lot, they kept investing and they persevered. There were days when they collapsed in exhaustion.

It’s 2021 now and the struggle continues, but Rebecca and Ashley’s inspiring spirit isn’t waning. 

This year I truly feel Ashley, I, and our team have been forged in fire! It’s been a lot of hard work, and a few tears, But we are all happy, healthy, and together still. With vaccines on the horizon we are very optimistic that we are on the homestretch of this pandemic. And looking forward to what 2021 has to bring us!

Rebecca Bates, Co-Owner of The Hair Parlour in Oceanside, CA

We want to congratulate Ashley, Rebecca, and the whole Hair Parlour team for holding on to their dreams and making it despite every obstacle this year. We hope this #SEVENforthewin prize package helps your business rebound quickly. We can’t wait to see you thrive. Welcome to the SEVEN family!


Being a positive force for change starts with putting our money where our mouth is. Through our #BONDtogetherforCHANGE initiative, we donated 5% of total sales from all four products in the bestselling BOND family from June through December, 2020 to the NAACP, whose mission is to ensure a society in which all individuals have equal rights without discrimination based on race. 

SEVEN has always championed diversity, inclusion and equity for all our employees, and we acknowledge that we can do better every day. We are commit to broadening our recruitment of Black team members when hiring for open positions, including those in leadership.  

We also remain devoted to developing products for all hair types and creating more educational offerings for our hairstylists and their clients. This includes multicultural product knowledge and technical artistry classes for stylists.

Starting a movement together.

Throughout our community, stylists often tell us how grateful they feel to be working in a creative, supportive industry. In the offices of SEVEN haircare, the feeling is mutual, as is our desire to give back. 

We believe that this industry’s passion and generosity can truly make a difference for any cause we put our collective hearts and minds to. Scroll below to find out more, and how you can join the #sevenhairCARES movement!

The Makeover Challenge

We all have an unsung hero in our lives – a parent, a friend, a nurse, a teacher, a co-worker – you know, that person who finds time to take care of everyone else but themselves. There are also all the would-be heroes, the ones who just need a caring hand to raise them up in a time of need. How uplifting would a simple gesture like offering to do their hair be for someone like this? If you’re a hairdresser, you already know the answer.

That’s why we are launching a new initiative that we want you to join! Introducing The Makeover Challenge!

Here is how you can participate.

  1. Find a deserving candidate in your community to receive a complimentary cut and/or color at your salon.
  2. Post images of your #MakeoverMonday client on Instagram tagging @sevenhaircare and #sevenhairCARES and #MakeoverChallenge. Be sure to tell us their story and why they are so deserving!
  3. Challenge 3 stylist friends to also perform makeovers and post with our tags.
  4. If you are a SEVEN partner salon, for each makeover you post, we will add a $50 complimentary backbar credit to your account so that you can provide your #MakeoverMonday client the right home care products to take with them. You can get up to four $50 credits per month, one for each Monday!

Let’s see how quickly we can get to 1,000 makeovers and impact 1,000 lives!

A Helping Hand to Stylists in Need

A tradition started in 2005. It was the year Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans, displacing hundreds of thousands of people. Seeing the personal livelihoods of stylists in the region threatened, we opened the door of our own salon. If stylists could get to Seattle, we had a job waiting. Several took us up on the offer and we haven’t stopped since. If there is a stylist or salon encountering disaster, we will do our very best to help. The haircare community is a village – and the caring individuals within it are our family. If you know a stylist or salon in need, don’t hesitate to reach us at

Breast Cancer Awareness

1 in 8 women receiving a diagnosis in their lifetime, and 9 in 10 salon industry professionals are women. The math is clear. Breast cancer is a disease that leaves no one untouched in our field.

In 2018 and 2019 10% of the net proceeds from any Kente BOND product to National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc® during breast cancer awareness month.