Thick, Color-Treated Hair Cleanse and Condition Routine with Miyoko

Miyoko Bordeaux
Senior Stylist at SEVEN Salon
Hair Profile:
Thick, Coarse, Long, Color Treated


The Routine:

I usually wash my hair every 4-7 days. When it comes to styling my hair, I like to knock it out in one day to make the rest of my week easier.

Workout Woes?

Using your natural oils after a hard workout can help keep your scalp from being dry and flaky. That being said, there’s no turning back after hot yoga. Honestly, I time out when I will do a class based on when I washed my hair last!


I always rinse with warm water, and always make sure my hair is 100% saturated. My hair tends to repel water and I swear I have the worst luck with low pressure shower heads. Thick hair and low water pressure… not ideal. When I finally get my hair wet, I use LUSTRE shampoo. I love everything about it for my hair—it makes it super shiny, which is very difficult for me as a blonde.

I always start from the top of the scalp and work my way down to my ends. Creating a good lather, and depending on how many days I went without washing my hair, I will shampoo twice. When doing that I do a light rinse, and add a little bit more shampoo and continue to scrub my scalp in circular motions until I fell my scalp is clean. Rinse very well.


Once all the shampoo is completely rinsed out I use the LUSTRE conditioner. I wring out as much water as I can, and then take the conditioner and start it from my ends, lightly bring it to my roots. My hair tends to need more conditioner than the average human, but I always start with a little because I can add more. I always try to leave conditioner in my hair for 5-10 minutes.

If my hair is feeling extra dry, I’ll hop out of the shower and massage some RECONSTRUCT in for deep moisture. After combing through, I clip it up for an hour and do the full mini spa treatment (xo Purlisse face mask!) or catch up on the DVR dramas.

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