Get ready for a game changer. Let us know what you love about BOND on Facebook & Instagram. Use the hashtags #BONDaid and #SEVENhaircare for your chance to win a 6 month personal subscription of BOND and a Singletrack Color Board from our friends at Off Camber Gear.

The Rules:

  • Upload a video/boomerang/photo of your hair on BOND
  • Caption the post with your BOND testimonial, and make sure to hashtag #BONDaid
  • SEVEN haircare HQ will choose our 5 favorite submissions on February 28th and notify the top 5. Creativity is key! Inspire us, make us laugh…you want to stand out from the crowd!
  • The top 5 submissions will be shared via SEVEN’s Instagram & Facebook for final voting on March 1st where we will ask our followers to vote for their FAVORITE by liking the post
  • The testimonial with the most likes by end of day March 2nd will be our grand prize winner!

About Singletrack:

We are brothers, Ben and Michael Barnes, who are owner/stylists at Off Camber Studios in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA. We share a passion for the hair industry with a passion for snowboarding, yoga, dirt biking, fly fishing, skateboarding, and many other forms of difficult activities (hence our company name, Off Camber Gear). For many years we have been utilizing a color board. We always wanted to design and create an advanced hair color board that could be used to accomplish all hair coloring techniques. In 2008 we started the journey of engineering and patenting the first hair color board designed specifically by hairstylists for hairstylists! The patent was awarded to us in 2014. We accomplished 100% of the design, manufacturing, production, and assembly in the United States of America. We believe our new Singletrack board will help many hair painting professionals achieve more accuracy, efficiency, ergonomics, better hair integrity, and overall quality of pattern design. We use Singletrack every day in Off Camber Studios and have successfully trained many students and stylists on the advantages of using the Singletrack board. Our intention is, Singletrack board will be the first of many hair tools that will be designed to better the hair industry.

The Fine Print: You must be a SEVEN haircare partner salon owner or stylist. Testimonial must feature SEVEN haircare’s BOND system, as well as the dedicated hashtag (#BONDaid). Entries will be narrowed down to the SEVEN haircare home office’s 5 favorite submissions on February 28th, and shared via SEVEN haircare’s Instagram for final voting on March 1. Winner will be announced March 2. The winner will be set up with a personal six month supply of the BOND system, and one Singletrack Board provided by Off Camber Gear.