Facts about Biotin, Straight from a Dermatologist

In the SATARA® OPTI biotin supplement, vitamins and essential fatty acids mingle to promote your …

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A Dapper Duo

Putty+Fibre: For the Dapper Gent
When you’re looking for that sophisticated stirred-not-shaken look for your …

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KENTE® CLAY strong paste

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Fix an Updo Disaster

How to get a picture-perfect updo, every time.

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Perfectly Natural Curls

Beautiful, defined, natural curls beg to be touched with this combination. Bringing together TEXTURE cream …

COLOR packs a serious moisture punch which is great for my thirsty, bleach blonde curls!

– Nina Moseley, SEVEN haircare Partner Educator

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Head Turning Hydration

Stop traffic with this head turning cocktail for brilliant shine and luxurious hydration. Bringing together …

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An Easy Remedy For Too Much Hairspray

How to loosen up when you’ve been a bit too liberal with the hairspray.

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Flat Hair Fix

How to add some extra life to your lived-in hair look.

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Vivacious Volume

BOOST+MOUSSE: Vivacious Volume
Together, BOOST spray and MOUSSE foam will take your hair to new …

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The Serum Flatiron

Rough ends and misbehaving locks have met their match …

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After Workout Quick Fix

How to revive post-gym hair.

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Get the hold you need with CUBICA® WORKING spray

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The Bigger, Better Bun

Ever have those days where you just need to throw your hair up and not …

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The Frizz Fix

How to keep your curls big, bouncy and in check.

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The Power Pixie

FIBRE + CLAY = The Power Pixie
Fierce and seductive, this cocktail of FIBRE matte …

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Liven up Limp Curls

Don’t let bad weather get you down! When humidity strikes and your curls start sagging, …