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7 Reasons Why It Might Be Time To Chop

You’ll look & feel fresh AF

There’s no denying a change to your look can alter your mood, and lobbing off a few inches of your mane is sure to take a literal weight off your shoulders.

Long hair is heavy and kills volume

Sick of your locks falling flat? A chop will bring that bounce you’ve been missing back. For everyone who needs a little extra volume, try our MOUSSE or BOOST spray.

Bye bye split ends!

Self-explanatory, but oh-so-important!

You’ll use so much less product

It’s gonna feel really weird at first. You’ll pile that conditioner into your palm and then realize you have way too much for the amount of hair you now have. Don’t worry, you’ll adjust.

Get ready faster with effortless styling

How annoying is it to drag a flat or curling iron through extra-extra long hair? You probably just put it up in a ponytail, don’t you? Now you can add a little texture, or a sleek style in practically no time at all!

You can do it for a great cause!

There are so many hair donation opportunities out there, like Locks of Love–think of the people you could be helping!

A fresh new you, ready to conquer the world

Hold your head up high and let the compliments roll in!

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