Gazar® BALANCE co-wash

What is Co-washing?

You’ve probably been hearing about co-washing and wondering, what is it? Why is everyone talking about it? Is it for me? If you’re new to the natural curls game, have dry hair, or need to wash more frequently, there’s a good chance that you would benefit from introducing co-washing into your haircare routine. 

What is the difference between co-washing and shampooing?

Co-washing is a process where you replace your shampoo and wash your hair solely with conditioner. This practice has become extremely popular for people with textured, curly, or dry hair because they need moisture, and co-washing delivers soft, hydrating results. Our Gazar® BALANCE co-wash takes it one step further and is a cleansing conditioner that deeply moisturizes hair while gently washing away mild impurities without stripping away natural oils. 

Shampoos are your traditional cleansers that contain stronger ingredients to remove and dissolve dirt, stubborn product buildup, and oil. By reducing the use of shampoo, your hair learns to maintain its natural oil and moisture levels, resulting in healthier and stronger hair growth.

The benefits of co-washing your hair

Refresh and care for your scalp

Using a co-wash is essential for those that need to wash more often due to frequent exercise, their profession, or simply on those hot summer days that build up sweat. Frequent sweating can actually dry out your hair and leave your scalp feeling itchy and irritated. By introducing a co-washing regimen you can remove dirt, sweat build up, and mild impurities, all while retaining your hair’s natural oils, soothing your scalp, and reducing irritation.

Reduce and control frizz

The powerful natural emollients in BALANCE co-wash, like shea butter and coconut oil, work to soften and smooth your hair’s cuticles, reducing and controlling stubborn frizz. 

Strengthen your hair

By replenishing the moisture in your hair with rich botanicals like jojoba and baobab, you actually increase your hair’s elasticity which reduces breakage. Say goodbye to dry, brittle hair.

Define your curls

Curl definition doesn’t just come from using great styling products like our Cubica® NUVO gel or Cubica® WAVE cream. When hair is rough and dry, natural curl patterns tend to fall apart and become frizzier. This is where hydration comes to the rescue. When curls are thoroughly moisturized, they plump up into bouncy, naturally-defined curl patterns. 

Increase shine

A lot of conditioners use silicones to add shine, which build up over time and leave your hair feeling heavy, dull, and lifeless. Instead, BALANCE co-wash uses natural ingredients—like castor oil and aloe—that soften your hair and add radiant shine. Plus, by balancing your hair’s natural moisture levels, you’ll naturally have smoother and sleeker hair. 

Save time

We all know how it feels to pack everything that needs doing into the day. Save some time in the shower by skipping the shampoo step and going straight to co-washing. Just massage a generous amount onto your scalp and throughout your hair, rinse away, and you’re done!

Ready to give it a co?

There’s no doubt that co-washing helps textured, curly, and dry hair types feel more hydrated, defined, and overall healthier. When you start a co-washing routine, it’s important to stick with it for at least six weeks. Every person and hair type will adapt differently, and this gives your scalp enough time to get through an adjustment period. Also, remember that co-washing doesn’t mean you should forgo shampooing completely. In fact, we recommend alternating every other wash with your regular shampoo. You can also use our Cubica® CLARIFY shampoo once a month for a refresh and to remove excess product buildup.

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