Powerful products, engaged education, “always on” support.


SEVEN® haircare products are created with the standards you should expect from luxury. They are cruelty free, sulfate free (SLS/SLES), paraben free, and free from dyes (except our violet shampoo!). They are pH balanced, safe for color treated hair, and our brand is certified Made in the U.S.A. Just as important, our products are formulated to perform. Each one meets the high standards that our own stylists set for us our flagship salon.


Over the years, the SEVEN® salon has grown from 9 chairs to 42. We have seen good times and bad, and we know first hand the challenges you face. Our education philosophy starts first with transparency. If we have learned it, we will share it. Every tip, technique, and secret we have is yours to know. Because we want to thrive together.  


The SEVEN community of stylists and salons isn’t a just a network; it’s a family. We are committed to strengthening, empowering and elevating our family by offering insider tools and expertise, a holistic educational approach, and products that deliver touchable, wearable, beautiful hair.

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