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7 Quick Ways to Upgrade Your Ponytail

Casual is everything. And is there a more versatile, casual coif than the classic ponytail? From fashion week chic to workout go-to, a pony is the enduringly stylish, amazingly quick look of choice. Sure there are days that you have time for a blowout, and even days when an updo is in the works. Most days, it is nice to know a perfectly good pony is possible in 7 seconds flat. Even better, if you have an extra couple of minutes, and maybe a pin or two you can easily upgrade your ponytail to make a chic statement. Here are 7 quick ways to upgrade your ponytail: 

Anyone can get dressed up and glamorous, but it is how people dress in their days off that are the most intriguing.     

Alexander Wang

1. Part ways

When it comes time for the inevitable ponytail, Roshan Tayefemohajer, owner of Glow Boutique Salon in Portland, OR, suggests giving yourself some shine + frizz control with DIAMOND serum from midshaft to ends. Make a far side part, and comb hair smoothly into a low ponytail. Secure with a hair elastic, and finish with a light hairspray so you can stay sleek even as the day gets crazy.

2. Go long

A ponytail is a go-to for a lot of us when we are stretching days between washing. Ray, a SEVEN salon Sr. Stylist, notes that the advantages go farther than hiding limp roots, “If you’re like me and pushing it to day 3, take advantage of that extra curl and texture from the day before in your high pony. Pull hair back and secure. If you have thick, voluminous hair already, use a dry, light hold hairspray like WORKING, fluff the tail and go! 

3. Give it a tease

If you have a fine or limp pony, the same thing applies. Ray says you’ll just want to take a fine tooth comb and tease sections of the tail mainly focusing on the base of it to create a textured, playful look. Spray with a CLASSIC hold hairspray to finish off and ensure the volume stays with you. You want enough hold to be worry free about flyaways without feeling frozen.

4. Wrap it

If you have 1 extra minute take a  tiny piece of hair from your pony and wrap it around the hair tie to hide the band and make it look extra finished. Secure with bobby pin and you’re ready.

5. Cross it

Leave 2 front sections out before securing pony. Take the left and wrap it around the back, up and over your hair band. Secure with a pin. Repeat on the right side. This one is perfect if you want to mask the hair band, but get wisps or strands sticking out when you wrap a piece completely around the band.

6. Twist it

Once your ponytail is in, a braid is always possible. Or give it an easy twist by dividing hair in two parts, twisting both to the right, cross the two strands, twist again, cross again, twist again, cross again, and secure with a hair band at the end of the tail. To fix flyaways as you go, rub a bit of POLISH balm on your fingers before you begin. Hairs will stay where you want them to, and you’ll find the twisting goes more smoothly.

7. Muss it

Upgrades don’t just happen at the base of your pony. Don’t forget the tail! Using a 1” iron, give the tale a few quick curls. Warm a dab of FIBRE matte paste on your fingers and work it through the ends of your hair, rubbing gently to create pieces and controlled muss.  


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