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7 Wonders of SEVEN

Tried, true, and tested to give you great hair, our 7 Wonders are the best haircare products you can find. A foolproof lineup of cleansing, conditioning, styling, and wellness products, they are designed to tackle all of your hair woes.

The BOND system (wonders #1, #2, and #3!)

We can’t quite say enough about BOND. It’s the healing we all need. Our revolutionary BOND system works together to strengthen even the most damaged hair. BOND shampoo begins the healing by gently cleaning fragile tresses while unique amino acid complex heads straight to hair’s cortex to nourish. Rich with Provitamin B5, BOND conditioner is a healing superstar, while the reparative spray keeps the healing going between shampoos with the reparative magic of Sweet Almond Extract.

SEAL spray (wonder #4!)

SEAL has been an all around salon favorite since SEVEN haircare started. Aloe vera provides a light, effortless foundation for all styling products while nourishing all hair types.

STYLE cream (wonder #5!)

The perfect prep for a beautiful blowout or sculpting curls, STYLE is your ultimate styling ally. Ginseng root extract invigorates and adds volume at the root, passion fruit flower extract promotes a healthy scalp, and bamboo extract promotes high shine. 

DRY SHAMPOO spray (wonder #6!)

Remember when using dry shampoo meant poofs of white residue and a tacky, dirty feel? Yeah, this is not that. Our DRY SHAMPOO spray is rich with tapioca powder which gives a touchable, light feel. This all star absorbs day 2 (and 3) oils while providing volume and a touch of playful texture.

OPTI biotin supplement (wonder #7) 

A daily must-have supplement for full hair and strong nails, OPTI fuses a potent concentration of biotin with Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, horsetail, and dandelion root to provide a complete solution for hair health. Wondering if biotin is right for you? Hear what Dr. Peter Jenkin has to say here

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