Thick, Color-Treated Hair Textured Styling with Miyoko

I don’t know about you, but I hate blow drying my hair. It takes forever, and it’s a lot of extra heat on my strands. I wear my hair wavy/beachy 90% of the time, so I air dry to keep my natural texture in tact. I always start with SEAL, spraying about 7-10 pumps all over, and combing out any of the tangles.


Then, I cocktail DIAMOND and LEAVE-IN.  I use a full pump of DIAMOND along with 7 pumps of LEAVE-IN in my hand. It seems like a lot, but my hair sucks it up! Once again, I start from the bottom and work my way up, using my fingers like a comb. Big tip here: never start from the top to the bottom with these two products—you will have to wash your hair all over again. Depending on my mood sometimes I will use the TEXTURE cream to give my hair a little extra texture for the morning when I create my beach waves look. Last but not least HEAT DEFENSE, it is a must. I use some sort of heat on my hair every day, so protecting it from any extra damage is essential. I spray about 7 pumps from roots to ends.


The next morning, I smooth my hairline out with a round brush, and then take my crazy lion natural waves to create a beachy textured look using a curling iron. Finally (and most importantly) every morning I take two of our OPTI biotin supplement to keep my hair healthy and strong. It is the newest addition to our line and I couldn’t be happier! I put a lot of damage on my hair from balayaging and using hot styling tools daily. I have been taking it for about a month and I have already seen a change on how quickly my hair is growing. I am obsessed!


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