This article explains how to master the lived-in look to style your hair.
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Master the Lived-In Curl Look

If you follow our ‘social squad’ on Instagram, you probably already know that SEVEN® salon Sr. Stylist Miyoko is the master of the fresh, cool-girl, lived-in curl we all covet on our social media feeds. We asked her to give us her best tricks for the perfect curl. Read on to master this style at home!

Prep Your Hair

Get it started: To prepare your hair for the lived-in look, follow these steps:

  • On wet OR dry hair, spray roots around the hairline and at your part with BOOST spray
  • Follow by spraying HEAT DEFENSE on rest of the hair
  • Blow dry hair up and away from roots for max body
  • Section hair into 4 parts

Curling Your Hair

Next up, it’s curls. Seven steps to get the curl in your hair just right:

  • Use a 1″ to 1.5″ iron depending on length of the hair (Miyoko prefers a 1.25″ barrel)
  • Keep the iron on medium, about 300-350 degrees at most
  • Hold the barrel upright (top of the barrel toward the sky)
  • Always, always, always curl AWAY from the face on the hairline and behind the ear
  • The key is to change direction of the curl with each section, starting away from the face first
  • An imperfect curl is best for the ‘beachy’ look. The messier, the better!
  • TIP: Practice the curling motion without the curling iron on to get a feel for it
When you follow these steps to achieve the lived-in look, he result is Instagram-worthy hair you can style yourself!

Finishing the Look

You’re almost there. Here’s how to finish the style the right way:

  • Allow curls to cool first
  • Spray curls with TOUSLE all over hair (and even on your hands!) and scrunch, flip & tousle curls until you can feel the grit of the TOUSLE spray
  • Flip hair back to original part and use FIBRE to create texture at the ends of your hair by twisting ends. Add to roots for extra body and texture

Voila! Instagram-worthy waves you can do yourself! Give this look a try and make sure to tag us on Instagram using hashtag #SEVENhaircare.

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