Build the perfect hair bun with these quick steps.
SEVEN steps
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The Bigger, Better Hair Bun

Ever have those days where you just need to throw your hair up and not go through the whole styling rigamarole? Do you also often feel disappointed in your lackluster top knot or flat ponytail? We asked SEVEN® haircare partner educator Kat for her boldest bun technique to share with you.

SEVEN steps:

Following Kat’s advice will ensure your hair bun is full, balanced, and perfectly secure. Hint: Hang around for a bonus eighth step! 

  1. Step One
    Start with loosely curled hair.
  2. Step TwoPrep hair with DRY SHAMPOO at the root to absorb oil.
  3. Step ThreeUse teasing brush to tease the crown and top part of hair to add texture. Brush the top part of the hair smooth.
  4. Step FourPull hair into a high, tight ponytail, tightening the front of the ponytail and underneath by pulling the two sides of the tail tightly. This will create ridging.
  5. Step FiveUse a pea size of POLISH and twist the loose ponytail snugly.
  6. Place pointer finger in the center of the ponytail and use it as an anchor to wrap your bun.
  7. Step SevenAccessorize bun with your favorite hair cuff or bracelet, pinning with a bobby pin at the back of the bun.
  8. Step EightSpray bun with WORKING to finish.

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