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Heat vs. UV Protection: Battle of the Bottle

Your hair is under attack! Not exactly, but there are many ways your hair can be damaged in a day–sun, wind, and of course our beloved styling tools. Fortunately, we offer solutions for environmental aggressors AND heat damage, so your hair is protected from whatever ails it.

Let’s break down COVER uv spray and HEAT DEFENSE spray, both from our RINZU® collection, to see which spray is best for your needs! Find out exactly when you’ll need heat protection or uv protection, and the right circumstances to use each one.


HEAT DEFENSE spray is vital to those who use hot tools in their regular styling routines, which makes it a stylist favorite. Have you heard of thermal protectant? Well if you haven’t, thermal protectant shields hair against heat damage, while sealing in natural luster. Additionally, HEAT DEFENSE provides light hold with beautiful style memory!

HEAT DEFENSE can be used as a foundation, like big sister COVER, but also acts as a styler. Spray on wet hair before blow drying to defend your tresses or spritz lightly to dry hair before using your flat iron or curling iron for added protection, shine and hold!  HEAT DEFENSE features key ingredients like castor oil to protect hair follicles, Pro Vitamin B5 to add strength, and hydrolyzed quinoa to repair and replenish.

COVER uv spray

COVER uv spray is a foundation that protects your hair from environmental aggressors: wind, water, sun, etc. While it is part of our RINZU collection for color-treated hair, this nutrient and antioxidant-rich spray is nourishing for any hair that spends extended time outdoors in the elements.

COVER is packed with 13 natural ingredients that promote your hair’s health. Zinc, galanga root extract, and white tea extract act in combination to form an effective sunscreen for hair. Green tea extract is a powerful antioxidant that improves scalp condition, leading to better hair growth. Chamomile and sunflower seed extract make hair color more vibrant and reflect sunlight. Equally as impressive, blow dry time decreases when using COVER uv spray. That is because grapefruit seed oil is hydrophobic – just imagine the water is rolling away from your hair.

How do you choose between UV and heat protection?

Not big on styling but spend a lot of time outdoors? Add COVER to your kit to keep hair healthy and strong. Spend your morning with blow dryers and flat irons? Choose HEAT DEFENSE to limit styling damage. Heat style AND hang out outdoors? Use both! Like all SEVEN products, they are lightweight and made to layer. Spray COVER first on damp hair, followed by HEAT DEFENSE right before blow drying.

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