A rope twist style is the perfect blend of casual and crafty.
SEVEN steps
Stylist Created

The Rope Twist Style

Short on time but need a cute ‘do to get you through the day? SEVEN® haircare flagship educator Alyssa walks us through her Twisted Rope tutorial – a quick and easy updo that will get you out the door quickly, and look great in any situation.

SEVEN steps:

Alyssa’s advice will ensure your rope twist will be balanced and on point. Read on to see just how fast you can jump into a rope twist style. 

  1. Prep hair with DRY SHAMPOO spray, and create a deep side part. Split into even sections and secure with clip.
  2. Work a small amount of PUTTY into your hands and with your fingers pick up two sections of hair starting at the front and hairline.
  3. With medium tension twist the underneath section up over the top section, add hair to the now “underneath” section pulling from the hairline and repeat until a twisted rope begins to form.
  4. Following the hairline, work back until you have twisted in all the hair in this half. Secure ends with a clip and repeat on the opposite side, secure with clip.
  5. Remove the clip from one section and cross it across the back of the head at the nape, secure with as many bobby pins as it needs.
  6. Repeat this with the remaining section crossing over and on top of the first section and secure with pins. (TIP: FOR LONGER HAIR TWIST BOTH SECTIONS INTO A LOOSE BUN AND SECURE WITH PINS AT THE NAPE.)
  7. Spray with CLASSIC Spray to set this look and add adornments as you feel so inspired by.

Ready to give this a try?
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