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Fix an Updo Disaster

Having an updo disaster and the Glam Squad isn’t on speed dial? According to SEVEN Sr. Stylist Alyssa Hrisko, updo success starts from the second you start. Follow her easy tips to create fool-proof red carpet style every time.

The How-To:

  1. Pro tip #1: Prep for success. Hair with grit creates lived-in, undone texture and provides better grip for any updo. Whether it’s been a day,  or three,  after cleansing, start by spraying DRY SHAMPOO throughout your entire head.
  2. Pro tip #2: Build your hold and create bend. Hold doesn’t just happen at the end. While curling or pinning, set each section with BEACH spray to soften stubborn hairlines or spikey ends. Once you have the knockout style, lock that look in with a light misting of WORKING spray to hold in place.
  3. Pro tip #3: Tame stubborn flyaways. Mix FIBRE and CLAY together in your palm and apply heat with your blow dryer for a polished, well behaved finish.

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