Baby-Fine, Color Chameleon Cleanse, Condition, and Style Routine with Alyssa

Alyssa Hrisko
Master Colorist at SEVEN salon in Bellevue, WA; Co-Owner at Seneca & Boone in Tigard, OR.
Hair Profile:
Baby-fine, straight, multiple color changes

The Routine:

While I may have characteristically straight, baby fine hair, it can actually take a lot. And boy have I put it through the ringer. Over the last 7+ years, I have been 50 shades of blonde––with some pink, coral, yellow and silver thrown in for laughs. I’m always searching for the best product combo to repair and protect my lovely (but very fine) locks that won’t weigh it down and HELLO LADIES AND GENTLEMEN MAY I INTRODUCE BOND?!

Game changer, kiddos. I have been using BOND shampoo, conditioner, and spray and my hair has NEVER felt so amazing in my life. I am a once, maybe twice-a-week washer and this has been a lifesaver for my now (at this moment) brunette locks.

The BOND of it All

After brushing out a few days worth of DRY SHAMPOO and BEACH, I generally wash twice with BOND shampoo. First is a quick rinse to loosen up and excess oils, followed by a deep shampoo to really work in the reparative qualities. For my hair, I’ve found that 5 minutes of BOND conditioner is the perfect amount of repair and it only gets better the more you use it.

After lightly towel drying excess moisture, I spray 8-10 spritzes of BOND spray from roots to ends to lock in the deeply repairing ingredients, followed by a quick mist of SEAL to seal in all of the benefits of BOND. During the winter, I add a few sprays of LEAVE-IN through the ends for an extra dose of moisture.

I’m a less is more kind of stylist. After I’ve worked in my foundation products, I layer in a few shots of BOOST at the roots and a pea size of TEXTURE through my ends before I dry. I’m a big fan of drying with my hands for a tousled, simple finish. A few twists around a curling wand, and DRY SHAMPOO at the roots and I am good to go! To maintain this lived-in look, I re-apply DRY at the roots each morning and spray BEACH to tame any unruly flyaways on day 2-3.

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