Easy how-to: braids

From boho twists to perfect plaits, braids are suddenly everywhere. If you are new to the twists and turns of braiding, it can be intimidating. So we went to experts Judith Moore and Noah Robinson to set us straight on how to braid –  even if you are a novice.

For starters, are there braids that anyone can do?

Judith: Braids can be difficult at first. The fingers want to get all jumbled. But just remember, all you’re doing is crossing two strands of hair across one another at a time. And you can even simplify it further.

Start easy with a double strand twist braid:

  1. Divide hair into 2 strands.
  2. Twist both to the right once.
  3. Cross the right strand over the left.
  4. Twist both strands to the right once.
  5. Cross the right strand over the left.
  6. Repeat.
  7. Wrap a rubber band to secure your twist.
  8. Finish with WORKING spray to keep your work in place.
Do you have any braiding “cheats”?

Noah: There’s really no easy way to “cheat” a braid. I strongly suggest practice. I used to practice on my housemate while we were watching TV at night. Then I would practice on myself while laying in bed. It sounds silly but I couldn’t braid at all (especially not on myself), and now I’m a braid master. People usually line up if you say you wanna play with their hair…as long as you’re gentle. Or, if you have a friend that braids, or better yet, your stylist, ask them to give you a demo and some tips.

Judith: Prep for your own success. You’ll have much better luck with your braid if your hair has a bit of grip in it. Before I start, I use a spritz of BEACH spray on dry hair and blow dry it with warm air for a minute or two. This gives the hair some texture so it isn’t too soft and slippery. Then I apply a tiny bit of POLISH balm to my fingertips. Like magic it ensures you only grab the hair you intend to. It also gives a little weight to your hair, making it easier to control, and helping smooth down frizz.

Noah: If your hair is on the frizzy, dry side, I love to mix FIBRE matte paste with a pump of DIAMOND serum. You get pliable hold from the FIBRE, while the DIAMOND adds shine and smoothness.

So now you are a braider…what can the intermediate braider do to get great before summer?

Judith: If you have braiding down pretty well and feel like you can try to step it up a bit, try getting some easy clip-in extensions to add length and density to your hair. You’ll find out with thicker, longer hair you have more options and can get that big disheveled beach-side braid you’re always looking for in the summer. And don’t be afraid to get creative and try multiple types of braids and wraps to get that funky bohemian look.

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