7 reasons to rock a pixie haircut
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7 Reasons to Rock a Pixie Cut

Pinterest recently predicted the pixie cut would be a super hot trend. Have you been thinking about it? Need the extra push? The benefits of a pixie haircut are huge and just about anyone can pull it off.

After so many seasons of long hair, going this short may require a leap of faith, but a pixie cut can look great on almost everyone. Here are 7 reasons to rock a pixie this year.

1. Because you CAN

According to Stylist Chu Emery, Pixies can be flattering on almost every face shape. The question isn’t whether or not you should do it, but which style will suit your face and your lifestyle.

2. Pixie cuts play up that bone structure!

Lucky ladies with flawless bone structure shine with this cut. Add a little highlight to those cheekbones and everyone who crosses your path will swoon.

3. Pixie cuts make styling carefree

A mist of TOUSLE spray on damp hair for a hint of grip plus FIBRE on wet or dry hair and your done. Or add a mist of WORKING spray to lock in the look.

4. A pixie cut puts you in good company

Since the beginning of time, the chicest celebs have gone full gamine–Audrey Hepburn, Mia Farrow, Michelle Williams, Tyra Banks. Play up lashes and a pink lip and you’ll be classically cool.

5. A pixie cut makes your fashion look a lot cooler

Less time spent managing your hair means more time managing your wardrobe. From the garage to the gala, Pixie gals always look chic, stylish, and carefree.

6. A pixie cut gives your earring collection a major workout

With less hair catching the eyes of onlookers, a pixie cut exposes your ears and whatever they’re wearing. Think of all the funky earrings you could wear! Long dangly ones, sweet studs, bright colors–they’ll all shine!

7. Pixie cuts stand out in a crowd

Short hair makes a statement. In a world of lobs and long beach waves, a pixie is fearless.

Still afraid to take the plunge? If you’re questioning if it’s good for you, find an online preview tool or an app like Hair Salon to test it out before you chop. As always, a great, trusting relationship with your stylist is key to great new looks, as are the best salon hair care products!

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