Cocktail Hour

The Serum Flat Iron


Rough ends and misbehaving locks have met their match with this all star serum cocktail.

DIAMOND serum is nourishing, bringing a restoring softness to hair due to featured natural ingredients Vitamin E, macadamia nut seed oil and coconut oil. RELAX is an essential serum to tame coarse, curly, unruly tresses. RELAX features champion ingredient superoxide dismutase, an enzyme with anti-aging properties that neutralizes the superoxide free radical. It helps to prevent hair loss and premature graying, and increases hair growth! RELAX also contains hops extract to repair damaged hair and enhance shine and softness. Short hair gets swing and gloss, while long hair (straight or curly) is sleek like luxurious silk.

The How-To:

  1. Cleanse and condition hair using your favorite SEVEN shampoo and conditioner combo.
  2. Gently towel dry and squeeze excess moisture from your hair.
  3. Prep hair with 10-20 sprays of SEAL, combing through with a wide tooth comb.
  4. In your palm, mix 2-3 pumps of RELAX with 1 pump DIAMOND, blending together to warm.
  5. For a straight look, work the cocktail in from mid length to ends, concentrating specifically on the ends. Blow dry with brush of choice.
  6. For curls, gently use your fingers to comb the cocktail from mid length to ends. Gently scrunch and twist your curls back into shape, and diffuse.
  7. Bask in the glow of newly tamed locks.

DIAMOND is amazing for a gorgeous blowout. On wet hair, I use is it from mid shaft to ends to smooth and control frizz during a blowout. When I’m finished, I use the tiniest amount to control any flyaways or remaining frizz for picture perfect style.
– Jessica, Master Stylist

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