Tips for the perfect hair blowout at home
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How to Do a Perfect Blowout at Home

7 Blowout Tips from our Hair Pros

Is there anything better than a salon blowout? You feel more gorgeous than ever—until that first big gust of wind or blast of humidity brings your locks limping back to reality. 

The good news is, not every salon-grade hair blowout has to happen in a salon! You’re more than able to perform your own blowout—or make your recent salon job last longer—from the comfort of your own home.

To keep that salon look lasting longer, and for some coaching on how to recreate a great blowout at home, we went to our hair experts for their top 7 tips for a great blowout. 

Hair Preparation for a Perfect Blowout

In the salon all hairstyles begin at the shampoo bowl, and that should be the case at home too. If your hair is damaged, BOND shampoo is where to start. COLOR shampoo or HELIO violet shampoo are great choices if you have color-treated hair. However, if you want your blowout to last longer, opt for our VOLUME shampoo, which is specifically formulated to add bounce and body back to hair. Follow with your conditioner or hair mask treatment of choice, focusing product on mids to ends of hair so roots aren’t weighed down. 

Next up is a foundation spray. Salon owner and educator Travis Clay opts for SEAL spray to close your hair’s cuticle then follows with BOOST spray from roots to ends—a must if you are looking for a voluminous, big blowout. 

Rough Dry Your Hair First 

Colorist Charlie Rose advises that you should blow dry your hair to at least 80-90% dry before taking a round brush to it. This saves your arms from getting tired and helps maintain body. Once you start round brushing, make sure to dry the roots of the hair in the opposite direction of where you want it to lay to further amplify the volume.

Travis also points out that you’ll need to apply your styling products before it gets to that 80-90% dry point. As a general rule, 50% dry is a good point to apply classic stylers like BLOWOUT butter (for thicker hair looking for a silky finish), SHAPE gelee (when you need body, volume, and some backbone to hold the curl of your blowout), or MOUSSE foam (a good option if you are looking for even more hold without the weight). When hair is slightly damp, products will spread evenly throughout hair without getting watered down. 

How to Choose the Best Hair Dryer

SEVEN VP of Marketing & Education, Monica Nguyen, says there are 5 important things to consider when picking the right blow dryer: 

  • Cord Length – Most blow dryers come with a standard cord length of 9 ft, but depending on where your outlets are, something longer will make your life easier.
  • Buttons – Take a close look at where the controls are placed. Depending on your personal grip, you could make unwanted adjustments mid-blowout if the buttons aren’t in the right spot for you. Also, check to see if the dryers has a cool shot, as that will lock your style in place after using heat.
  • Air speed – Stronger air speed allows for faster, lower heat drying time. Ideally, air speed clocks in around 90 mph.
  • Weight – Lighter blow dryers tend to have less air speed, but unless you’ve got stylist-strong biceps, the benefits of a light blow dryer are clear.
  • Warranty – Look for at least a year of protection from damage and breaks.

Where to Start – Sectioning Your Hair for a Blowout at Home

You have options when deciding where to start, but no matter what, you should be sectioning your hair first. This makes it easier to focus on each area and evenly distribute volume and heat.

Travis advises starting your blowout at the bottom or nape of the neck and work up from there using clean sections. However, Charlie prefers to start off with the front and top of the head first before giving that hair any time to naturally lie flat.

Suffice it to say, you’ll want to find your own order of things. If your arms tend to get tired and you struggle for volume, do the front first. On the other hand, if you have tons of unruly hair, starting from the bottom can yield the smoothest, tamest look. 

What’s the Best Round Brush for a Blowout?

It’s time to choose your round brush! Using a round brush to finish your blowout is more than just helpful—it’s essential. The shape of the brush allows you to add shape and body and acts similar to how a curling iron would.  

Travis recommends a ceramic or metal barrel brush with nylon bristles. Boar bristle brushes will smooth the hair better, but people tend to have a harder time because they are extra grippy and more likely to get caught or tangled in the hair. Whether you opt for nylon or boar bristle, you’ll want to make sure you keep a good amount of tension in the hair when blow drying.

When choosing a size, Travis notes that the smaller the barrel, the tighter the bend or curls will be, so make your choice based on what you want the end result to be.  

Volume Volume Volume – The Big Blowout 

Charlie is all about giving herself a big blowout, and focuses on “over directing” the hair—or styling it in the opposite direction that the hair naturally falls. When taking the round brush to the hair, the more you over direct the hair, the more body you will get.

If your hair dryer has a cool shot button, the last moments of styling are when to use it. The cooler air will firm up the cuticle, holding hair in the position you’ve coaxed it into. 

Focus Your Blowout on Hair Volume

Completing your look depends on your needs. Volume at the root? LOFT volumizer will give you a mega boost. Mist SWEPT texture spray from root to ends if you want more playful, lived in texture. A touch of DIAMOND serum will add all over sheen, POLISH balm will tame any stubborn flyaways, and WORKING hairspray will hold it all in place without sacrificing movement. 

How to Make a Blowout Last

Now that you’ve put in the hard work, make sure that blowout lasts! Here’s how to get an extra day (or two or three) out of your look: 

  • Start with a lightweight shampoo that removes most buildup or oils and follow with a lightweight conditioner on the ends
  • Don’t wait to use DRY SHAMPOO. Mist it at the root as soon as you finish styling. This will absorb oils as they happen rather than trying to cover up a dirty mess

A Game Changing Secret to a Great Blowout At Home

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