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How Often Should You Wash Your Hair?

It’s a question coming up constantly with answers ranging from daily to no more than once per week. The short answer is that everyone’s hair is unique. Those with fine hair may need to wash more often than those with thick or coarse hair. Then—of course—product use, environmental factors, or how often you exercise play a role as well. No matter how often you cleanse, the best way to wash your hair is to develop a cleansing routine that’s right for you.

How Often Should You Shampoo?

On average, shampooing every two to three days is recommended no matter what your hair type is. That being said, take a temperature check. It’s okay to break your routine if your hair feels dirty, oily, or smelly. 

If you have fine hair and need to shampoo more often, use a mild shampoo that doesn’t strip your hair of its natural oils. This is where Cubica 7-DAY shampoo comes to the rescue. It’s gentle enough to use any day or every day, leaving your hair clean and healthy.

hydrate moisturizing shampoo

For those who tend to have dry hair and only shampoo once a week, we recommend using Gazar HYDRATE shampoo. As lush as a waterfall, HYDRATE gently cleanses and quenches dry, thirsty hair. Pair with TINGLE scalp elixir to rejuvenate your scalp health.

How Often Should You Condition?

A good conditioner smoothes hair cuticles and replenishes moisture that you may have lost from chemical services or hot tools, without weighing down your hair. 

For everyday hydration with a light-weight bounce, use Cubica 7-DAY conditioner to produce a healthy finish. Work a generous amount through wet hair and leave in for three to five minutes before rinsing.

Gazar LEAVE-IN conditioner

For added hydration out of the shower, try Gazar LEAVE-IN conditioner to detangle, nourish, and hydrate thirsty locks. Mist evenly over hair to add softness, hydration, and shine without extra weight.

Refreshing Your Hair Between Washes

How long can you go without washing your hair? Extending time between washes benefits you in many ways. You can save time on styling in the morning, prolong your latest color, and reduce the use of heat tools which can lead to damaged hair. So what can you do to refresh your hair between washes?

For a primer to set you up for success, use DRY SHAMPOO on freshly washed hair. Spray through dry hair focusing on the roots to soak up extra oil between washes. Use on day one to keep your style fresh and extend the time between shampoos. On day two or three, layer it on without worrying about a white cast from the powder. 

If you need to touch up with hot tools, use HEAT DEFENSE to protect your hair from damage while sealing in natural luster. This silicone-free formula uses castor oil to create a safe barrier between hair and hot tools up to 450° fahrenheit. Spray on damp or dry hair from mid-length to ends before blow drying or styling. 

Does your hair seem flat the next day? BOOST spray amplifies volume while breaking up oils and buildup from products. Spray generously all over your hair from roots to ends and work your round brush through to reset a blow out. 

Hair Washing Tips

There is a proper way to wash your hair. It’s listed on every shampoo bottle, but most of us don’t think about it. We all know the phrase—lather, rinse, and repeat. The longer you wait between shampoos, the more you need to cleanse. A basic guideline to follow is one lather for each wash you skipped.

You’re not getting your hair clean enough if you only shampoo once, according to SEVEN partner educator Tiffani from Tiffani and Company. Shampooing two to three times in the shower increases how long you can go without washing your hair again. The first lather opens the cuticle and exposes residue and buildup. The second shampoo gets into the cuticle and pulls out all the dirt. A third shampoo comes in handy if your hair has a lot of buildup or product.

For more details, watch the whole interview with Tiffani here.

“I HAVE to Wash My Hair Everyday”

Some people can’t go even one day between washes. We formulated a new shampoo and conditioner so that you can wash your hair every day without worrying. Cubica 7-DAY cleanses gently while providing the perfect combination of shine, body, strength, and moisture no matter how often you wash. Made for every day or any day, you can’t go wrong with 7-DAY.

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