Satara® SHAPE gelee delivers body, volume, and hold while leaving your hair feeling completely natural
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How to Give Fine Hair More Volume

Has your fine hair been weighing you down? Getting more volume in fine hair can be easy if you use the right products and techniques. We turned to SEVEN educators Travis Clay, Tiffani Beste, and Charlie Rose for the lowdown on how to get more volume in fine hair.

Start with the right shampoo and conditioner.

Satara® VOLUME shampoo and conditioner uses hydrolyzed quinoa to give healthy bounce without roughing up the hair cuticle

For starters, use a shampoo and conditioner that has volumizing properties. It is important to find products that have no sulfates, silicones, or parabens because those ingredients only weigh your hair down. Sulfates can also dry out your scalp, which can cause more irritation and lead to dandruff. We love Satara® VOLUME shampoo and conditioner which uses hydrolyzed quinoa to give your hair a healthy bounce without roughing up the cuticle.

Thoroughly clean your hair, shampooing more than once to make sure that no dirt or oils remain. After cleansing, use a conditioner and rinse completely off the scalp. Any leftover conditioner can end up weighing down your hair.

Add a volumizing product

Satara® SHAPE gelee delivers body, volume, and hold while leaving your hair feeling completely natural

A volumizing product is the easiest way to give hair volume at the roots. Use a volumizing spray or mousse and apply while your hair is still damp. Travis recommends using Satara® BOOST spray at the root by sectioning hair and giving each part 3-5 sprays. With BOOST, the more you use the better lift you’ll get without any added weight.

Once you’ve added your volumizing spray, Charlie likes to add a healthy amount of Satara® SHAPE gelee all over towel-dried hair from roots to ends. This weightless gelee is a great alternative to mousse, and delivers body and volume while leaving your hair feeling soft and natural.

Pre-dry your hair.

Your hair will look much fuller if you start with a good foundation. Our experts all agree that for maximum lift, you should hold hair straight up and pre-dry the roots with a blow dryer. By pulling the hair away from the root, you are actually creating more volume as soon as you start drying! Your hair will be more than halfway to fabulously voluminous in no time at all.

Use a round brush for maximum volume.

The right brush is everything when it comes to achieving volume. If you have fine or thin hair, then make sure that you’re using a round brush. A round brush will help lift your hair at the roots while adding volume throughout. Use a wider brush for less bend and a narrow brush when you want more curve in the hair.

Stylist uses a round brush and hair dryer to add volume at the roots

To get the most out of this tip, make sure that your hair is already 80% dry before you start blow drying. Next use your hands to lift sections of your hair up and away from the scalp as if you were creating a crown of sorts all around your head. While holding onto the section of hair, place your brush underneath and lift at the root, then turn on the hair dryer. Use a blow dryer concentrator aimed away from the scalp and avoid direct heat.

Don’t forget to hit each section with a shot of cool air at the end to set the style. Alternatively, for extra volume without the cool shot, you can pin your hair in round barrels and allow to cool for 10-15 minutes. This gives hair extra lift at the root.

Give your hair volume at the roots.

All hair types can benefit from a little extra lift at the root! Volumizing powders are products that you apply at the roots and scrunch in with your fingers to add body to your hair. The key is to use them strategically and avoid over-application. If you’ve got fine hair and need a lot of lift, be sure to work the product sparingly into small sections.

Cubica® DRY shampoo and LOFT volumizer add volume and body to hair

Travis likes to finish his styles with a spray of Cubica® DRY shampoo at the roots. This aluminum-free formula uses tapioca starch to naturally absorb oils throughout the day allowing volume to last longer.

Tiffani prefers Cubica® LOFT volumizer for sky-high volume. Simply sprinkle this weightless, silky powder at the root and tousle for immediate results.

Finish it off with a holding spray.

When it comes to getting more body in fine hair, hairspray is your friend. Hairsprays with a flexible hold—like Cubica® WORKING spray—will allow you to reshape your hair throughout the day without leaving it stiff and crunchy. For some added volume and texture, Tiffani recommends finishing with a quick mist of Cubica® SWEPT texture spray for a long-lasting lived-in look.

You can add volume to fine hair with the best products and techniques.

First, choose the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type. Next, make sure to use a root boost spray to lift the hair at the roots. This lifts up each strand and makes it appear thicker. To finish off your blow dry, give your hair a good blast of cool air to lock in some extra volume! Finally, don’t touch your hair throughout the day. The oils from your hands can break down the volume and leave hair limp.

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