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Give it to me straight

If you have curly hair, you probably think straight hair is some kind of styling nirvana. Let’s just say that the grass is always greener.

For straight hair––especially if it is fine––going with your natural texture can mean floppy. But it doesn’t have to! Naturally straight can be naturally easy with a few essential tricks to give you lift when your locks are down.

5 musts for embracing your straight hair

1. Keep up your cut

Last year’s layers might be weighing you down. Lightening the weight of your hair is going to keep long, straight hair from falling limp. Need a reason to cut? We’ve got 7.

2. Change it up.

According to celebrity stylist Cash Lawless, DRY SHAMPOO will be your best friend. Spray liberally at the roots,  then, “Brush it out, put some MOUSSE on the mid shaft to ends, and put it up in a top knot for an hour or two. Take it down and you’ll have tousled, voluminous hair.”

3. Blow it up.

According to stylist Christina “Ray” Miller, you’ll want to give yourself some oomph from the start. “Use a generous spray of BOOST to add volume, mainly focusing on roots. Blow dry, lifting roots with fingertips to add volume.” For added texture, you’ll want to finish off with BEACH to add some grip and a bit of play.

4. Keep cool.

Let your hair air dry 80% before hitting it with a blow dryer. Or, Cash recommends using hot air on the under layers and cool on the top. That will prevent frizz without taking forever to dry.

5. Go punk.

Get playful, rockstar straight texture with a touch of FIBRE. Rub in your fingers to warm, then tousle through hair for shattered, piecey texture.

If your hair is more wavy or you’ve got natural curl, we’ve got answers for you too!  Go here for tips on your naturally wavy hair, and here for curly!

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