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Flat Hair Fix – the hat head edition

You took everyone’s advice and hid from the summer sun under a hat, but now how do you fix your flat hair hat head? We went straight to the top, asking master stylists Fabby Loera and Hattie Lingenfelter for their expert advice on fixing flat hair.  

Here’s how to get back to bouncy and beautiful after summer hat head. 

1. Know the best hair product for you

Fabby goes by the one product rule: Carry one key styling product in your purse at all times. It can be a lifesaver in the summer months when heat and hats give you limp hair.

For thin hair, that product is DRY SHAMPOO spray. It hits back against hat head by absorbing sweat and oils at the roots and providing playful summer volume throughout. If you have medium to thick hair, mist hair from root to ends with BOND reparative spray and scrunch to hydrate natural texture back to life. Protecting from UV rays is especially important in sunny months, so finish the look with a flash of WORKING spray for touchable hold and UV protection.

2. Brush up on easy techniques

“I make the hat head mistake all the time!” says Hattie. “If I want to revamp my flat hair after a long day in a hat, which I am known for, I will spray in BEACH spray to give it some grip and roll with the texture that’s already there.”

 Hattie is big on using a diffuser as well.  “If you’ve got some natural curl, help define it with a touch of PUTTY mastic. If you have straight hair, maybe hit it with a little DIAMOND serum for some flash.”

3. Practice Prevention

Of course, hat head prevention is the best flat hair fix. Fabby suggests to start with clean, damp hair. Spritz in COVER uv spray for essential UV protection. Air dry, then put a dab of POLISH balm on dry hair before braiding to the side. Pop a hat on. When hair is released, you’ll have lustrous, wavy, un-hat headed locks!

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