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The Fresh, Free, Easy Look of SEVEN

Collabs make life more fun, and as we recently learned they can also make for beautiful hair. Our talented friend, Cash Lawless, was there to masterfully create touchable, playful, fresh, free, easy hair. Read below to discover how Cash crafted each of the looks.

Arlene has naturally lush, shiny hair, but it is so long and and dense, it can weigh the crown down. We lifted it with some layering in the crown area to emphasize her natural volume but with a more weightless, effortless look. She also has beautiful bone structure that I wanted to expose around her jawline, so we cut in some face framing layers that really lifted the heavy hair away from the face.

To get the most out of the cut and really deliver the ultimate texture and weightless body, I used BOOST spray at the roots. I really wanted her hair to last for 12 hours of shooting with constant wind and brushing, so I used DRY SHAMPOO at the beginning of the day to keep any oils from accumulating on the hair. This kept it light and clean feeling all day. Our aesthetic was all about freedom and movement so when she was in front of the camera I never used anything heavier than CLASSIC spray so her hair could really stay fluid.

Autumn has this amazing and uniquely beautiful hair color and, at the same time, a set of lips and eyes that I really wanted to draw attention to. Her hair was all one length, and I felt it was closing her eyes off and dragging her appearance downward, so we gave her a soft fringe and minimal face framing layers to accentuate her eyes and lips and give a lifted appearance. When on set, I knew getting her true color to shine through on camera was going to take a product that gave her wavy texture definition, but didn’t make fine hair look greasy. A rough dry with COVER uv spray broken up by PUTTY was the perfect cocktail.

Katie has a true mane; unbelievably thick, and gorgeous, curly texture. Katie’s hair had suffered the all too common abuse of bleach and heat which dulled the hair and diminished her curl definition. I really wanted to give her the dramatic yet elegant style she deserved, so we gave her a forward graduated cut to build the perfect heart shape silhouette. We kept the layers in the crown and around the face significantly shorter to allow her curls to bounce instead of being weighed down. To get the most luster out of her curls we wet her hair, and applied TEXTURE (my absolute favorite curl cream for thick textures). 

Marie had such a fun personality but with an intensity in her eyes that I felt matched perfectly with a classic shag. Naturally her hair is fine and a little stiff, so this cut really built weight and maximized the amount of hair she has, into the most fun voluminous shape possible. I knew her hair had suffered some heat damage and showed signs of significant breakage. We prepped her hair with BOND and LEAVE-IN for extra hydration. After drying her hair we broke up the texture by using DIAMOND and were able to achieve the softest, healthiest waves that bounced when she moved.

Sidenote! You had to have seen Cash’s look for Jenna Dewan? We are glassy-eyed in love with this shiny new look.

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