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How to Get Perfect Curls

Simple Solutions for Styling Curly Hair

How should you style, brush, dry, and maintain your natural curls? If you are looking for easy summer hair, embracing your hair’s natural texture is an absolute must. Read on to hear from SEVEN’s experts on spirals, twists, waves and twirls.

5 must-dos to manage naturally curly hair.

1. Keep it simple.

According to salon owner, educator, and texture specialist, Eric Barras, if you are looking for easy, steer clear of trying to make your hair do something other than what it really wants to do in its natural state. If you have bouncy curls, you want to encourage root lift and optimal movement. Light products will be your friend. You don’t want to get weighed down. Try using MOUSSE foam which defines shape without weighing hair down or flaking. Work in the mousse from mid-shaft down through the ends, leaving the roots natural. Define and place curls where you’d like them to set. Dry naturally, under a hooded dryer, or with a diffuser for serious volume and texture.

2. Give it a trim.

Stylist Kennedy Wood notes that when it comes to maintaining curly hair, trimming regularly is also important to maintain the health and coil on the ends. This is especially true in the summer months when UV rays may be doing some extra damage.

3. When in doubt, moisturize.

The natural curves of curly hair tend to open the cuticle, allowing moisture to easily escape. A near clinical level of Pro Vitamin B5 boosts the moisturizing ability of BOND conditioner through the roof, which is why it’s become the darling of beauty editors everywhere.

4. Flip don’t fuss.

Touching curly hair too much while it dries is asking for frizz. Instead, Eric suggests flipping hair back and forth periodically as the hair is drying. If you are in a rush, a quick medium-heat blast with a diffuser at the roots should do the trick.

5. Less is more.

There is a myth out there that curly hair needs a lot of product. True, curly hair can be porous and therefore absorb product. However, if your curls are tight, Eric says, “LESS is seriously MORE. This type of hair doesn’t behave with too much product fighting against it. Stick to leave in conditioners, light styling creams like WAVE or NUVO, and a primer like SEAL spray to moisten and prep for the creams.”

Bonus Tip for Enhancing Your Natural Curls

Tie it down. Styling for tight curls is enhanced with any process that naturally holds the hair as it dries. Braids, two strand twisting, or even sectioned mini buns spread over the head are all ways to contain the hair in its natural shape while allowing it to dry. Once dry, loosen twists or braids and shake and style with the hands. If you get dents and separation lines, don’t be afraid to turn your blow dryer on the lowest heat and speed settings to ease away those separation lines and re-integrate them with other sections. The heat re-softens the hair and makes it malleable.

If you’ve got waves instead of curls, we’ve got your back! Check out easy texture solutions here. For naturally straight hair, the experts have plenty of tips for you, too! 

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