A women in a hair salon decides whether she should get bangs or let her hair grow out.
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Should I Get Bangs?

For some, the “Should I get bangs?” question is one that pops to mind from time to time. For others of us, a craving for fringe hovers in the back of our mind ALL THE TIME.

“Should you get bangs? The easy answer is maybe. The reason good bangs look amazing is the same reason that bad bangs are traumatic. The margins are thin and the stakes are high.” – Tyson Daniel, salon owner and SEVEN platform educator

Ask anyone and they’ll all have an opinion on the “bangs” question. Friend #1 says, “Go for it,” while friend #2 reminds you of the grow out misery ahead. To help, our experts offered us a few important things to consider when it comes to making the big “bang” decision.

5 things you MUST do before bangs – to be happy after.

A woman in a salon before getting her bangs cut.

1. Bold or subtle? Curtain or straight? Choose your statement. 

Per stylist Stephen Aaron Hines, the style of bangs should suit what you want to “say” with your look. “A more dramatic, straight-across bang has attitude, a softer fringe is more romantic, a side swept bang is fun for something lower maintenance, and I always love a longer fringe with a center part to really accentuate your cheekbones without a huge commitment.”

2. Consider how your face shape will look with bangs.

Just about anyone can look good with bangs. But your face shape is key to picking the right style. Per educator Tyson Daniel, “The difference between bangs that are too short and just right could literally be the space between the bottom part of your brow and the top part of your eyelashes.”

A hair stylist cutting bangs.

3. Think of fringe bangs as a lifestyle.

Whether it is color or a cut, ask your stylist what your time commitment for home care is going to be, and how often you’ll need to come into the salon to freshen your look.   

4. Thin or thick? Assess your hair density.

Hair density plays a huge part in shaping bangs as well. Per Tyson, the length of the bangs could be just right if you have lighter hair density, but if you have thick hair, you may unintentionally end up looking like Betty Page. When in doubt, ask your stylist!

A hair stylist styles his client's bangs.

5. Don’t fight it – try the bangs.

With bangs, where there is a will, there is a way. Like friend #1, Stephen thinks you should go for it. “There are always a lot of factors when it comes to styling – lifestyle, growth patterns, whether you need to pull your hair back, etc, but I think there’s always a way to work around it, especially if you’re wanting to try something different.”

You did it. You love your bangs. But how do you style them?

If you have fine hair and need some extra oomph in your fringe, a bit of MOUSSE before you dry should do the trick. If you need taming, try RELAX to keep things under control.

You did it. You hate your bangs. Now what?

Sigh. It’s happened to the best of us. First, don’t try to go it alone. Your stylist can help you reshape during the grow-out period. And, Tyson says it best, “If you are ready to get this whole ‘bangs’ episode behind you, OPTI biotin supplement will get them growing faster.”

A women after getting her bangs cut at a hair salon

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