The Fragrances of SEVEN®

Perfume is the art that makes memory speak.

Perfumer Francis Kurkdjian

Choosing fragrance for hair products is both an art and a science. Effervescent top notes are what you sense upon first spritz, or as your shampoo begins to lather. Next you notice the heart notes of a fragrance which create a choreography of scent. Finally, base notes surround you, creating an intoxicating effect that makes your loved one say, “your hair smells so good today.”

We craft our fragrances with these things in mind, and with the hope of creating new, fond memories for you. Here are a few of our favorites.

Signature SEVEN

The Signature SEVEN scent mingles sparkles of bergamot and sage with damask rose and base notes of warming amber to make an addictively alluring scent.

Fragrance notes.

  • Top notes: Bergamot, Grapefruit, Sage
  • Heart notes: Lavender, Geranium, Damask Rose, Petitgrain
  • Base notes: Musk, Amber, Sandalwood, Moss, Vanilla

Find our Signature SEVEN fragrance in: BOND shampoo, BOND conditioner, BOND reparative spray, BOND hair mask, SWEPT texture spray, and TOUSLE spray.


The elegant SEVEN Luxe fragrance has balmy base notes of orris and sandalwood, expansive heart notes of lilies and violet, and is topped with lush green fern. 

Fragrance notes.

  • Top notes: Lush top notes of Fern
  • Heart notes: Amazon Lilies and Violet
  • Orris Root and Sandalwood

You can find our SEVEN Luxe fragrance in Rinzu favorites for color treated hair like HELIO violet shampoo, HELIO violet conditioner, COLOR shampoo and COLOR conditioner.

Orris Santal

Airy and uplifting, warm base notes of Orris root (from the Iris flower) and and sandalwood dance with violet leaves while a waft of forest air awakens the senses.

Fragrance notes.

  • Top notes: Forest Air
  • Heart notes: Violet Leaves
  • Base notes: Orris root & Sandalwood

Our newly fragranced BOOST spray is the first product to use Orris Santal, but certainly won’t be the last!

Jasmine Nuit

Lavender and green apple awake the senses while jasmine, litchi, blackfruits and subtle amber add velvety allure to this lithe fragrance. 

Fragrance notes.

  • Top notes: Lavender, Green Apple, Mango 
  • Heart notes: Jasmine, Litchi, Blackcurrant
  • Base notes: Iris, Amber

Find SEVEN’s Jasmine Nuit fragrance in VOLUME shampoo and VOLUME conditioner.

Aqua Lily

One of our newest obsessions, citrusy bright notes in Aqua Lily swim harmoniously with marine water, lily of the valley, amber and lilac to create a fresh, aquatic allure.

Fragrance notes.

  • Top notes: Bergamot, Marine Water, Orange
  • Heart notes: Muguet (lily of the valley), Eucalyptus, Jasmine
  • Base notes: Melon, Amber, Lilac

You can find our Aqua Lily fragrance in Cubica® 7-DAY shampoo and conditioner.

Amber Santal

A bouquet of chamomile, jasmine, cyclamen, and lily are enveloped with a sweet mandarin, cantaloupe, and pear in our Amber Santal fragrance. A rich base of velvet musk, amber, and sandalwood adds a sensual finish.

Fragrance notes.

  • Top notes: Chamomile, Mandarin, Jasmine
  • Heart notes: Lily, Cyclamen, Cantaloupe, Pear
  • Base notes: Velvet Musk, Amber, Sandalwood

The rich luxury of Amber Santal is perfect for Gazar® HYDRATE shampoo and conditioner.

Amber Luxe

Feather light pear, bergamot, jasmine and nectarine spin bright swirls of fragrance over base notes of amber and soft woods in the SEVEN Amber Luxe fragrance. 

Fragrance notes.

  • Top notes: Mandarin, pear, bergamot
  • Heart notes: Jasmine, blackberry, nectarine 
  • Base notes: Velvet musk, amber, tonka bean, soft woods

A powder puff of a fragrance, Amber Luxe is the perfect match for LOFT volumizer!

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