SEVEN Scavenger Hunt

Ready to Win in Vegas? 

Introducing the DEFINE: Elevate Scavenger Hunt!

Win a Louis Vuitton Keepall 55 bag WITH CASH INSIDE!

Here’s how to win: 

  1. As you travel to and arrive in Las Vegas, take original pics inspired by the photos listed below. 
  2. Post them on Instagram tagging @sevenhaircare and #highonseven
  3. You’ll earn a raffle ticket for every picture you post with the correct tags! 
  4. To claim your tickets, visit our raffle table between 8-9:30pm on Monday, March 2nd at the Roaring 20’s party. 
  5. We’ll draw the winner at the party that night!

See below for all 8 photos to find and post!

Pack up and away we go! Snap a picture of the SEVEN haircare products you’re bringing along for the ride.
Chin! Chin! Get settled, buckle in, and grab a drink! Post a pic of your travels on the way to Vegas.
Hail, Caesar! Get a selfie with the man of the hour.
Yolo! Live a little, shop a lot, meet some Gods at the fountain and snap a picture.
Feeling Lucky? Put $10 on Red or collect some quarters! Show us your best shot of the casino.
Grab a drink and/or snag a photo at a Sexy Unique Restaurant–see you at Vanderpump!
Don’t I know you from somewhere? Say hello and grab a selfie with Ryan Fisher CEO of Proctor Lane Investments, parent company of SEVEN haircare.
Jack and Coke? Espresso Martini? It’s time for a nightcap at Vista!

Finish! Get your raffle tickets at the Roaring 20’s Party! Good luck!