SEVEN® Professional Salon Education

DEFINE Events – Get Inspired!

Like you, we know that becoming a professional hairdresser doesn’t just happen when you get your cosmetology license. A professional salon education continues for a lifetime! Stylists who are thriving many years into their careers are always learning and seeking inspiration. Held outside of the salon in venues meant to inspire creativity, our signature DEFINE events will empower you with the tools and resources you need to grow your artistic practice, your business and your self expression. Get details about the full array of DEFINE events here.

SEVEN® Academy on the Road

These hands-on workshops allow you to get in-depth, one-on-one attention with our most senior artists and Platform Educators. Ranging from topics like creating an exceptional client experience to advanced barbering techniques to precision cutting to advanced knowledge of our professional salon products, these workshops will allow you to master your craft, shift your perspectives, and transform your bottom line.

SEVEN® On Demand

Taught by SEVEN Partner Educators and Account Executives, SEVEN haircare online education classes bring techniques and tools to your fingertips. Imagine holding a Product Knowledge class for your whole salon without needing everyone to come in on their day off. Or having a quick video call to inspire your team with fun and easy marketing practices that can fill their chairs. For more information about bringing world-class programs to your salon, contact us here.