All collateral is meant to be multiple use. It can be displayed in our acrylic frames (see swag for details on that), passed around to educate stylists, and slipped in shopping bags to remind your clients how to use their new products. Many items are complimentary when sent with your product order, and some (like catalogs) are available for purchase using backbar dollars. If you don’t see what you are looking for here, custom design work is available.

To order, simply give your Account Executive a call.

A note on sizing:

  • “Tall signs” fit our 9″x4″ frames
  • “Wide signs” fit our 6.5″x9″ frames

"Shop Local" wide sign #1
"Shop Local" wide sign #2
Texture + Relax wide sign
Key Ingredient wide sign
Retail Price wide sign
"Shop Local" custom wide sign
Print to order promo wide - Your choice of product/discount
Opti/Baby Seal promo wide sign
Pre Book promo wide sign
Travel Size promo wide sign
Buy 2 get 1 (choose any product)
Finishing promo wide sign
Comp product promo wide sign
Swept wide sign.
Individual tall PK cards. ALL products available.
"Shop Local" tall sign
Print to order promo tall - Your choice of product/discount
Print to order promo tall - Adaptable to your needs
"Shop Local" mirror cling. Post subtle reminders for your clients while they are in your chair.