Repair your hair and master your style with powerful products of strength and graceful determination. The KENTE Collection contains shampoo, conditioner, reparative spray, hair mask, gel, and matte paste products designed to strengthen and heal hair.

Kente® collection of hair products: brilliant strength

KENTE® BOND shampoo & conditioner


A true game-changer, BOND is a professional-grade system engineered to deliver sustained benefits to damaged hair.


KENTE® BOND shampoo


BOND shampoo fortifies and strengthens damaged hair while gently cleansing, using positively charged smart ingredients as a potent foundation for healing.


KENTE® BOND conditioner


KENTE® BOND conditioner seals split ends and reconstructs broken disulfide bonds while infusing moisture and eliminating frizz.


KENTE® BOND reparative spray


Kente BOND reparative spray revives weak hair and fortifies against future damage. A leave-in spray that detangles and reduces dry time.


KENTE® BOND serum serum


This heat-activated, leave-in serum mends split ends and repairs damage so you can say goodbye to dry, brittle hair.


KENTE® BOND system


A combination pack of BOND shampoo, conditioner, and reparative spray, which reduce breakage by 60% and relieves dry, damaged hair.


KENTE® BOND hair mask


A deeply reparative, moisture balancing treatment, BOND hair mask infuses hair with moisture while soothing and sealing the damaged cuticle.


KENTE® FIBRE matte paste


Kente® FIBRE matte paste can create everything from subtle texture in a men’s cut to a piecy, rockstar bob. With beeswax and lanolin.




A powerful, long-lasting gel that forms, shapes, and holds. This no-flake, alcohol-free formula is perfect for sculpting short styles, shaping edges, and slicked-back looks.