Deep Repair

If your hair suffers from breakage, split ends, and damage, our salon-grade shampoos, conditioners, sprays, and gels save the day with advanced healing and nurturing botanicals.

Hair products to repair breakage and split ends.

KENTE® BOND travel set


Limited edition BOND 5-piece travel set

For the first time ever get the entire BOND collection in travel size minis. Includes 2oz shampoo, 2oz conditioner, 3.2oz reparative spray, 2oz hair mask, and 1oz serum all bundled up in a SEVEN branded clear cosmetic bag.


KENTE® BOND shampoo & conditioner



BOND shampoo and conditioner now available in limited edition 7oz tubes. A true game-changer, BOND is a professional-grade system engineered to deliver sustained benefits to damaged hair. Proven to reduce breakage by 60% after a single use, BOND gives immediate relief to dry, damaged hair.


KENTE® BOND shampoo


Our Best Shampoo for Treating Damaged Hair

Using positively charged ‘smart ingredients’ as a potent foundation for healing, BOND shampoo, fortifies and strengthens damaged hair while gently cleansing. 


KENTE® BOND conditioner


Excellent for dry, damaged, or curly hair needing extra care, Kente® BOND conditioner seals split ends and reconstructs broken disulfide bonds while infusing moisture and eliminating frizz. 


KENTE® BOND reparative spray


Revive Weak, Damaged Hair

A light leave in spray, Kente® BOND reparative spray revives weak hair and fortifies against future damage. With healing Sweet Almond, it detangles, locks in luster, reduces blow-dry time, and ensures ongoing hair health. 




The Ultimate Hair Repair Serum

This restorative elixir smooths and seals damaged cuticles resulting in softer, shinier, and healthier looking hair. With patented thermal technology, Kente® BOND serum is a heat-activated, leave-in treatment that fortifies and strengthens hair. Infused with sunflower seed extract, BOND serum nourishes brittle hair and banishes split ends.


KENTE® BOND hair mask


A Moisturizing Hair Mask for Dry, Damaged Hair

A deeply reparative, moisture balancing treatment for dry hair, Kente BOND hair mask infuses hair with moisture while sealing the damaged cuticle and protecting against free radical damage.