Deep Repair

When you are dealing with breakage, split ends, and damage, these products save the day with advanced healing and nurturing botanicals.

KENTE® BOND shampoo


Using positively charged ‘smart ingredients’ as a potent foundation for healing, BOND shampoo, fortifies and strengthens damaged hair while gently cleansing. 


KENTE® BOND conditioner


Excellent for dry, damaged, or curly hair needing extra care, Kente® BOND conditioner seals split ends and reconstructs broken disulfide bonds while infusing moisture and eliminating frizz. 


KENTE® BOND reparative spray


A light leave in spray, Kente® BOND reparative spray revives weak hair and fortifies against future damage. With healing Sweet Almond, it detangles, locks in luster, reduces blow-dry time, and ensures ongoing hair health. 


KENTE® BOND hair mask


A deeply reparative, moisture balancing treatment for dry hair, Kente BOND hair mask infuses hair with moisture while sealing the damaged cuticle and protecting against free radical damage.