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Liven up Limp Curls

Don’t let bad weather get you down! When humidity strikes and your curls start sagging, follow this easy fix to turn limp curls into luxurious, bouncy spirals.

The How-To:

  1. Wet your entire head with a healthy dose (~20 spritzes) of SEAL spray. SEAL spray contains hops extract (yes, like the hops in the beer at your local watering hole) which repairs damaged hair and enhances shine and softness.
  2. Work 1-2 golf ball poufs of MOUSSE from roots to ends to whip limp curls back into shape. Remember, this isn’t your grandma’s MOUSSE–no need to fear! This light foam is powered by grapeseed oil and green tea extract to promote hair growth and scalp condition.
  3. Twist hair into a high bun or two braids away from the face and let set.
  4. Uncoil and lightly mist with SHINE spray to a camera flash finish for your sultry spirals.
  5. Finger tousle back into perfection.
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