June 25–27, 2023

Deep dive into hair artistry

Save the date! This year, we’re taking a deep dive into the art of hair by combining our three key educational philosophies into one unforgettable event. For three days, we’ll focus on you, deepening your understanding and expanding your knowledge without limits.

Our incredible educators will impart their expertise, enabling you to cultivate your style, deepen your creativity, and expand your business. We’re talking about hair cutting techniques, styling skills, business tactics, and marketing plans—all shared by industry experts. You’ll leave having mastered what it is to be an artist, plus an action plan to grow your business.

SEVEN LIVE will convene in Las Vegas from June 25-27, 2023. Join us and mix with stylists and specialists from across the country in the most vibrant city in the world.

Registration & Tickets

General Admission

4,000 points

Per Ticket Pricing.

VIP Admission

6,000 points

Per Ticket Pricing.

Hotel Room Blocking

8,000 points

Max 2 rooms booked on points per account.

Don’t delay! This event will sell out. We’ve had unprecedented responses to this event, so register your team today. Your Account Executive can help you plan how to accumulate the number of points needed. Give us a call at (206) 957-4777 to get started.

After Party

A Night At The Grammys

Get ready to experience the glitz and glam of the music industry at our Night At The Grammys after-party at SEVEN LIVE! This event promises to be an unforgettable night of music, fun, and excitement—PLUS prizes throughout the night. Dress to impress in your most glamorous attire or channel your inner celebrity by coming dressed as your favorite star.



Prepare to be captivated by the exceptional talents of Linh & Maggie Phan as they take the spotlight at SEVEN LIVE! With an extraordinary background and a passion for transforming hair, this power duo has built a reputation as true trendsetters. Linh & Maggie’s journey began with humble beginnings, honing their skills and artistic vision. Their relentless dedication and innovative approach to hairstyling have earned them accolades and a devoted following. Linh & Maggie Phan will showcase their unrivaled expertise at SEVEN LIVE, leaving you inspired and eager to witness their visionary artistry firsthand.


Cash Lawless | The Millionaire Hairstylist
Collin Martin | Educator
Daylon Ogata | Educator
Lisa Biermann | Director Of Operations
Mikey Teeze | Educator
Monica Nguyen | VP, Education and Marketing
Nathi Vega | Educator
Nayaana Sarahy | Educator
Reagan Kaalekahi | Educator
Ryan Fisher | CEO, Proctor Lane Investments
Savannah Curbelo | Educator
Sheue Pella | President
Tiffani Beste | Educator
Tina Perez | Presenter

Hands On Classes (Add-On)

Cutting & Styling

Host: Mikey Teeze
Price: $145

Learn the latest techniques for creating flawless haircuts and styles that will wow your clients.

Expensive Lived-In
Brunette Foilyage

Host: Nathi Vega

Discover the secrets of creating rich, dimensional brunette hues that will have your clients begging for more.

Keratin Tip

Host: Daylon Ogata
Price: $220

Perfect the art of applying keratin extensions, from selecting the right hair to properly caring for your client’s new look.

Don’t miss out—these intimate classes have limited space.
To reserve your ticket, contact your Account Executive.


Saturday, June 24

11 am – 5 pm

Early Registration: Get a Head Start

Palace Ballroom – Office 5

Get a head start and join us for early registration! Contact your Account Executive to schedule your registration appointment and ensure a seamless start to the event.

Sunday, June 25

8 am – 2 pm

Registration: Join the Event

Palace Ballroom – Office 5

Begin your SEVEN LIVE experience on a high note by scheduling a personalized registration appointment with your Account Executive. Experience a seamless check-in process, meet the SEVEN team, and get ready to dive into an unforgettable event.

3:00 pm

Cocktail Hour: Mix & Mingle

Palace Ballroom Lobby

Raise your glass and mingle with fellow stylists during our cocktail hour. Sip on complimentary red and white wine while you reconnect with your favorite SEVEN team members and make new friends.

4:00 pm

SEVEN Showcase: Unveiling New Trends

with Nathi Vega, Nayaana Sarahy, Tiffani Beste, Daylon Ogata, & Reagan Kaalekahi • Palace Ballroom

Prepare to be wowed as we kick off the show with our talented educators taking the stage to showcase their favorite looks, blending the art of hairstyling with the latest trends in a captivating runway show.

6:00 pm

Master Merchandising: Boosting Your Sales

with Tina Perez • Palace Ballroom

Discover the power of effective merchandising and its impact on boosting your sales. Learn how product placement, spacing, color psychology, and aesthetics can influence customer purchases and build strong client relationships.

Monday, June 26

9:00 am

Shaping the Future: What’s Next for SEVEN

with Sheue Pella • Palace Ballroom

Join us in an exciting segment filled with big news and gratitude for our partners. Discover how luxury hair is having its moment in beauty history right now and what SEVEN is doing to meet the evolving needs of our partner salons.

9:15 am

Unconventional Excellence: Cutting Techniques

with Collin Martin • Palace Ballroom

Experience the visionary artistry of Collin Martin as he shares his unconventional approach to haircuts and leaves you inspired and eager to transform your own hairstyling techniques.

10:05 am

Unlocking Profit Potential: Retailing Strategies

with Lisa Biermann • Palace Ballroom

Unlock the secrets to leveraging retail to increase your profit margins. Discover how strategic retailing can boost your business and create a steady income stream.

10:30 am

PHANHAUS Showcase: Cutting Edge Artistry

with Linh & Maggie Phan • Palace Ballroom

Prepare to be captivated by Linh and Maggie Phan, industry leaders renowned for their creative hair artistry. Witness their exceptional talents as they take the spotlight, leaving you inspired and eager to explore their innovative hair styling methods.

11:40 am

Innovation Unveiled: Sneak Peek into Upcoming Product Launches

with Monica Nguyen • Palace Ballroom

Be the first to learn about the exciting product launches planned for 2023. Get ready for a sneak peek into the future and discover the incredible things that lie ahead.

12:00 pm

VIP Luncheon: Industry Insights

with Cash Lawless & Ryan Fisher • Palace Ballroom

Exclusively for VIP attendees, this catered lunch features a unique opportunity to listen to a live podcast taping with The Millionaire Hairstylist, Cash Lawless and the CEO of Proctor Lane Investments, Ryan Fisher. Gain insights on pricing strategies, navigating financial challenges, and what to expect in the industry’s near future.

1:30 pm

Trivia Showdown: Product Knowledge Challenge

with Monica Nguyen • Palace Ballroom

Join us for an exciting trivia challenge, and put your product knowledge to the test! Participate in the lively Q&A session, showcase your expertise, and compete for exciting prizes including swag, drink tickets, and raffle tickets for a chance to win the coveted Louis Vuitton duffle bag.

1:40 pm

Precision & Style: Cutting Techniques

with Mikey Teeze & Savannah Curbelo • Palace Ballroom

Join Mikey and Savannah as they showcase their signature cutting techniques. Embracing the art of simplicity, they’ll demonstrate how to achieve stunning results through streamlined approaches and the right choice of products.

2:40 pm

Hanzo & DUOMO: Revolutionary Tools

with Collin Martin, Sebastian Lightfoot, & Brittany Holland • Palace Ballroom

Hattori Hanzo and DUOMO will be presenting their innovative products and solutions that will revolutionize your hairstyling journey.

2:55 pm

Celebrating Together: Event Highlights & Closing Remarks

with Sheue Pella & Monica Nguyen • Palace Ballroom

As we near the end of this incredible event, join us for a moment of reflection, heartfelt gratitude, and important reminders. We’ll express our appreciation and thank everyone who made SEVEN LIVE a remarkable experience.

3:15 pm

Connection Center: Meet the Artists

Palace Ballroom Lobby

If you spotted something intriguing on stage and want to know more, head outside the ballroom to meet and connect with the SEVEN team, our talented educators, and brands. It’s your chance to delve deeper into their expertise and foster valuable connections.

8:00 pm

After Party: A Night at the Grammys

Palace Ballroom

Get ready to indulge in the glitz and glam of the music industry at our unforgettable Night at the Grammys after-party. Put on your most glamorous attire or dress as your favorite star, and enjoy a night of music, fun, and exciting prizes—including a Louis Vuitton duffle bag!

Tuesday, June 27

8:30 am

Hands On: Expensive Lived-In Brunette Foilyage

with Nathi Vega • Sicily Room

Elevate your brunette color game in this immersive, hands-on experience. Learn how to create impactful and personalized color placement, achieve warm bronde tones, and ensure easy maintenance for your clients.

9:00 am

Hands On: Keratin Tip Extensions

with Daylon Ogata • Tarranto Room

Take your business to the next level with our immersive Keratin Tip Extensions class. Perfect two cutting-edge methods and discover how to sell this luxury service to your clients while uncovering tips, tricks, and expert advice.

9:00 am

Hands On: Precision Cutting & Styling

with Mikey Teeze • Venice Room

Witness precision cutting in action as a stunning A-Line Bob comes to life before your eyes. Gain insights into clean sections, ergonomic techniques, and proper tool selection, enabling you to create flawless finishes that will leave your clients in awe.

10:00 am

Discussion Panel: Industry Q&A

with Sheue Pella, Ryan Fisher, Cash Lawless, and Lisa Biermann • Palace Ballroom

Engage with industry experts, entrepreneurs, salon owners, and stylists in a discussion panel where no questions are off limits. Gain valuable insights into the impact of AI, effective brand collaborations, talent recruitment, and other pressing topics in our industry.

10:30 am

Behind the Scenes: Get Involved with Product Development

with Monica Nguyen & Tiffani Beste • Palace Ballroom Lobby

Get a sneak peek at products currently in development and be part of the creative process. Play with new product formulations and provide your valuable feedback to help shape the future of our brand.