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Dry Scalp Cleanse and Condition Routine with Kat TV

Kat Trotter-Viterbo
Stylist at SEVEN Salon in Bellevue, WA; Owner at Seneca & Boone in Tigard, OR.
Hair Profile:
Thick, coarse, dry, color treated

The Routine:

Typically, I shampoo my hair every 5-6 days…yes, I know that sounds gnarly, but hear me out. I have extremely dry skin…what’s that got to do with hair? EVERYTHING! We forget that our luscious locks’ initial health comes from its foundational source. If I had naturally oily skin, I would definitely be shampooing more. On top of that, my hair is thick, coarse, kind of dry, and very blonde (shhh…it’s not natural).


First, I take my hair out of my day 5-6 top bun, and brush out any knots or tangles. Normally, I use a vent brush or wide tooth comb starting at the ends and working my way up. Not only will this stimulate my scalp, but it will also help release any loose dirt and oils built up in the hair.

Next, I start my initial rinse with warm water and make sure the hair is 100% saturated. The warm water will help gently raise the cuticle (outer layer of the hair) and help the shampoo make its way into the hair shaft.

Once my hair is wet, I use REPAIR shampoo. Not because of damage, but because the acai and wheat protein are heaven with a side trip to paradise on my scalp as well. When using REPAIR, I use about a walnut size dollop of shampoo and add a little water to emulsify the product. Then, I start at the crown of my head and work the product in circular motions until I’ve reached the entire scalp. (You can go back in with more shampoo if you don’t feel you’ve tackled your entire head.) I continue in circular motions to the ends, creating a lather. (Didn’t get the lather you want? Your hair might have been extra dirty, and that’s OK! Repeat, and you will notice you will get a better lather during round 2.) Once my hair is clean, I rinse with warm water.


Next, I follow up with RECONSTRUCT. I wring as much water out of my hair as I can and apply generously starting mid-shaft down, and working the remaining toward the scalp. From here, I clip my hair up off my shoulders and continue with my normal shower routine. You guys, take your time! Your hair will love you for keeping it on 10-15 minutes.

Before I rinse, I run my fingers through my hair. You will notice your hair feels silky, and your fingers can work through your mane effortlessly. Once I’m done admiring my silky hair, I rinse with COOL water. It doesn’t have to be ice cold, but that will help in closing the cuticle you have already opened, and your hair shaft will keep more of the yummy goodness you just fed it. VOILA! Clean & shiny hair.


I normally wash my hair at night, so when I’m done cleansing and conditioning, I towel dry, then saturate with SEAL & LEAVE-IN and comb it through. I add a touch of DIAMOND at the very ends for extra love, and create a very loose side braid, careful to loop the end of the braid into my ponytail holder to avoid a funky kink. This prevents frizz, uneven crown cowlicks, and real talk…gives me an ‘oops-on-purpose-I-woke-up-like-this’ beach wave.

xo, @katt.likemeow

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