Cocktail Hour

The Power Pixie

FIBRE + CLAY = The Power Pixie

Fierce and seductive, this cocktail of FIBRE matte paste and CLAY strong paste creates strong styling hold with a velvet-soft matte finish. Fun fact: both FIBRE & CLAY contain beeswax, a natural alternative to petroleum. Not only does beeswax act as an emulsifier, but it conditions the scalp too. CLAY also includes bentonite clay, a super absorbent clay that will aid in reducing oil when used close to the scalp. Perfect for pixie cuts and polished pompadours.

The How-To:

  1. Cleanse and condition hair using your favorite SEVEN shampoo and conditioner combo.
  2. Gently towel dry and squeeze excess moisture from your hair.
  3. Prep hair with 10-20 sprays of SEAL, combing through with a wide tooth comb.
  4. Mix equal dime sized portions of FIBRE and CLAY in your palm, and mix to warm.
  5. For a textured pixie, finger comb this combo throughout your hair, concentrating on the ends to create texture, and tousle.